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  • Our previous video got taken down😭😭 so we had to reupload!! Thank you so much for all your love and support and thank you again for rewatching this video💕 we love you!!

    Us AlwaysUs AlwaysOy oldin
    • Rewatching from yesterday ☺️💜

      Jasmin MerloJasmin MerloOy oldin
    • I love y’all 💞.

      ItsyagirlhaileyyItsyagirlhaileyyOy oldin
    • i just watched this afternoon it didn’t get taken down

      stephanie mstephanie mOy oldin
    • I was Confused because I said I watch this before

      Valeria GarciaValeria GarciaOy oldin
    • Anything for Us Always... in my Homie from Selena movie lol ♥️♥️ $AliCeni

      Alicia CenicerosAlicia CenicerosOy oldin
  • 4:11 “bougie” what is that other nigga a broke nigga?

    YktvYktv23 kun oldin
  • Where are the nude sweats from ?!

    Heather JonesHeather Jones25 kun oldin
  • Maria should do the leading him on prank 😂❤️❤️

    Melany BenitezMelany BenitezOy oldin
  • I love how your kids eat everything you guys make

    Adriana MartinezAdriana MartinezOy oldin
  • 😂🤣👍💃🏽🍑

    Aniseta LarsenAniseta LarsenOy oldin
  • Maria you have a glow going on are you pregnant? I'm just asking cause you do have a glow to you. Love your positive vibes on your videos. Please stay safe and God bless you all. 😇🙏

    Winnie RodriguesWinnie RodriguesOy oldin
  • Lmao " it hurts that bad" 🤣🤣🤣 $angbelisle

    Angela BelisleAngela BelisleOy oldin
  • hahahaha i do the same to my bf to try to turn him on

    Life with GabbyXoLife with GabbyXoOy oldin
  • Omgg girl sinaloa mariscos are the best I love your guys videos

    Gabby CabreraGabby CabreraOy oldin
  • Disgusting my mom used to come with you guys she likes you she alwaysa🤬😡

    Eliyanna Garcia SabalzaEliyanna Garcia SabalzaOy oldin
  • 😍😍😂😂

    Stephanie HernandezStephanie HernandezOy oldin
  • You probably wont even see this lol but what glitter shadow have u been wearing!! I love it ✨

    Stefanee PhamStefanee PhamOy oldin
  • I’m gonna start saying “ ARKING” now instead of Arching lol 😂👏🏻🤪

    LizetXoLizetXoOy oldin
  • Prank begins at 15;50

    Isabel RodriguezIsabel RodriguezOy oldin
  • His face had me dead 😩😭😭 “are you okay ? “😭😭😂

    Tanya UcedaTanya UcedaOy oldin
  • Y’all are so funny 😂😂 $vanzures

    Vanessa AnzuresVanessa AnzuresOy oldin
  • They have those projectors at target in the toy section

    Nat NikoleNat NikoleOy oldin
  • I am honestly so genuinely happy and proud of you guys!!! It’s so nice to see you in your beautiful home and the kids being able to move around so freely with their own rooms and all. God bless 🤍🤍🤍

    Kelsey ClarosKelsey ClarosOy oldin
  • As a sinaloense I can confirm we put soy sauce in our aguachiles 😋

    Mauren FloresMauren FloresOy oldin
  • Where is y’all new intro ? 😀

    Jessica zunigaJessica zunigaOy oldin
  • Beau’s reaction to Maria arching her back was 😵🤤😂

    GraceGraceOy oldin
  • Bo i’m getting it that it’s not your back hurting 😂😂😂

    M e l l y XOM e l l y XOOy oldin
  • Serenity looks just like Beau and his sister

    may kaeomay kaeoOy oldin
  • I hear laberinto in the background 😂😂❤❤

    Maria LopezMaria LopezOy oldin
  • Maria is soo cute arking my back lol.

    AshleyAshleyOy oldin
  • Who's super excited when Maria says, "type down in the comments Exited!"🥳🥳🎉Meee✋

    Gloria LovatoGloria LovatoOy oldin
  • I can be butttt naked or bent over like thSt and my msn still won’t notice lol

    Destiny MaldonadoDestiny MaldonadoOy oldin
  • She cut it off real quick 😂😂😂😂

    Alma CamargoAlma CamargoOy oldin
  • Girrrl, use sazonador Maggi in your aguachiles and ceviche. It's bomb! And also, salsa huichol in your ceviche. My husband uses it and EVERYONE LOVES his ceviche. He actually just went out of town today(for 1 day) just to make ceviche for some of the family bc their's never comes out the same. Trust me!

    Marissa MirandaMarissa MirandaOy oldin
  • Sponsored by wishhh! Yass! Love you guys ❤️

    Amanda WellsAmanda WellsOy oldin
  • Your views have really went down. I guess people are catching up that your trash.

    thai rsthai rsOy oldin
  • You know how kids run when they hear cocomelon, well my son comes running when he hears us always 😂

    Melissa RomeroMelissa RomeroOy oldin

    Brenda OrtizBrenda OrtizOy oldin
  • When you realize your not getting enough views anymore 😂

    George BetancourtGeorge BetancourtOy oldin
    • Hahahaha

      George BetancourtGeorge BetancourtOy oldin
  • Omg where you get those

    Elizabeth AyalaElizabeth AyalaOy oldin
  • Beau was like you got to be playing lol the look on his face 😂😂 “ all I have is a image” I love y’all 😂❤️ $kaaylagg

    babey kaybabey kayOy oldin
  • “It hurts that bad” 😂😂😂😂😂

    Priscilla MartinezPriscilla MartinezOy oldin
  • Love your guys content always uploading great videos (: $aleram66

    Alejandra RamirezAlejandra RamirezOy oldin
  • Will always support y’all watching again 😍

    Alejandra RamirezAlejandra RamirezOy oldin
  • How dare they delete it from your channel. Anyways I love how Beau fucken loves you. Couple goals

    Silvia LopezSilvia LopezOy oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣 his face

    Life of Alexis‼️Life of Alexis‼️Oy oldin
  • Don’t lie Maria you be sucking up beau every night that’s why you wake up with your voice gone every morning 😂😂 much love to us always!

    JenniferJenniferOy oldin
    • she needs to drink some water 😂😂😂

      Maria RMaria ROy oldin
    • How do you know lol

      Insanity MusicInsanity MusicOy oldin
    • 😭😅🤣

      Taisha Rivera - AlmeidaTaisha Rivera - AlmeidaOy oldin
  • 😂🤣🤣🤣

    Alicia LAlicia LOy oldin
  • That's insane! But I rewatched and still lmao!!!!! Beau loves you so much baby girl!!! You guys are meant for each other!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️ $LeannMarie512 (LeAnn Hernandez) love you guys!!!!!!😘😘😘

    LeAnn HernandezLeAnn HernandezOy oldin
  • I was like wait what? Dejavú? Lol $tina760

    Christina GonzalezChristina GonzalezOy oldin
  • I do this all the time in front of my man. ESP when he’s mad at me 🤪😆😅 love y’all! $keezaia.3

    Kezia OwensKezia OwensOy oldin
  • Love y'all relationship 🥰 $jska512

    Ariel GAriel GOy oldin
  • I freakinng love y’all 💓💓💓

    Jadie Sto DomingoJadie Sto DomingoOy oldin
  • EVERYBODY Add mE oN SnaPChaT............ > yueyp

    YueY PYueY POy oldin
  • lol re watching 💜 got to support the us always fam as per usual $jackyrosas12

    Jacky RosasJacky RosasOy oldin
  • They have the pink projector on Amazon 😉👍🏼

    Kathy RamosKathy RamosOy oldin
  • Does your back hurt that much!? 🤣🤣 $ericaperez92

    Erica Mauricio PerezErica Mauricio PerezOy oldin
  • $EmilieMedellin btw love y’all y’all are amazing

    Emilie MedellinEmilie MedellinOy oldin
  • Such a beautiful family! Maria so pretty with her natural beauty😘

    Nes AdriNes AdriOy oldin
  • Awww I love that little coloring thing it’s cute ☺️ . $crystalcita94

    CrystalWithA_ CCrystalWithA_ COy oldin
  • Omg serenity is just so cute 😍😁👍

    Lupe HernandezLupe HernandezOy oldin
  • Ready to lose that weight people

    maria alzatemaria alzateOy oldin
  • We here again don't worry..❤❤ $rodriguezi05

  • Relationship goals af... $sunflowerZC

    MMOy oldin
  • How silly especially to arch your back when hes cooking hahaha that was a good one! you guys are seriously GOALS!! I freaking love doing that to my hubby when he least expects it too

    Lizet NiblockLizet NiblockOy oldin
  • Serenity is so adorable 🥰 $Amandaxnn

    amanda aguilaramanda aguilarOy oldin
  • My baby is 3 and been asking for mushrooms but I have no idea how to make them kid friendly where she would actually like them :( make a recipe video pls !

    Alondra ReyesAlondra ReyesOy oldin
  • Beau’s first reaction, haha I saw his double chin kind of 🤣

    Enano RuizEnano RuizOy oldin
  • Don't mind watching it again!🙌 can't get enough of Beau's reaction😂😂 $dede8907

    Denise AvalosDenise AvalosOy oldin
  • Tell my why I got my little sister the exact unicorn backpack serenity had for Christmas and my little brother the bow and arrow Damian has😭😂

    Brenda MartinezBrenda MartinezOy oldin
  • Beaus face was hilarious 😂😂 $zairacal 🤞

    Mi FamiliaMi FamiliaOy oldin
  • watched it yesterday and watching it again because I have to support y’all 💜 $kflore12

    Kenia FloresKenia FloresOy oldin
  • he said “are you ok? all I see is an image from earlier” 🤣🤣 $TiffanyMelchor

    Tiffany MelchorTiffany MelchorOy oldin
  • He was like hold up “ am I dreaming or this fr “ 😂😂 love you guys ❤️❤️❤️ $jc2706

    Jasmine CruzJasmine CruzOy oldin
  • 🤍 $Loleyg

    Mommyg 0818Mommyg 0818Oy oldin
  • I waa so confused

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  • I still love his reaction $TOMASS08

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  • Rewatched ❤️🙏🏼 $jerryjosy

    Jerry JosyJerry JosyOy oldin
  • "don't come over here" ahhh love that

    Sandi JasmineSandi JasmineOy oldin
  • $mandib17

    Amanda BattleAmanda BattleOy oldin
  • LMAO His Face!!!! He's like damn wait till later girl I'll crack that back 🤣 $JAZRASCON

    Jazmin RJazmin ROy oldin
  • Serenity boutta get some Gucci slides & I’m over here not even being able to afford a belt 😭😭

    Cynthia CarinaaaCynthia CarinaaaOy oldin
  • Lmao when Beau said it hurts that bad??

    Sybil SanchezSybil SanchezOy oldin
  • Re-watching because I love you guys!!!💓💓 $AngieAguilera0413

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  • What was wrong with the first video?

    Lizett CamposLizett CamposOy oldin
  • ♥️✌ My back about to hurt again💀😭😂

    EricaEricaOy oldin
  • Back for round 2...say less girl, lol but in all seriousness sometimes I have to watch it 2 or 3 times because mom duties..$jessl310

    Jessica LeonJessica LeonOy oldin
  • Love those painting projects super cute for my daughter! Omg his face 🤣🤣🤣loving what he see’s lmao!!! $Vic0210

    Victoria RodriguezVictoria RodriguezOy oldin
  • He said “I hope I could see that view later” 😂 I love y’all’s relationship so much💜 $xxeenniiaaa

    XnE EnXXnE EnXOy oldin
  • He is about to get it $Dramirez209🙂😍

    Denise RamirezDenise RamirezOy oldin
  • I love hearing Serenity talk. She’s talking very well for her age. My daughter is 20 months and I can’t wait for her to start talking more 🥰 it’s the little things lol $jackeeohh48

    Jackie LopezJackie LopezOy oldin
  • True supporter right here 🙋🏻‍♀️ when I got the notification I was like 🧐🤨🤔 I don’t care I have to see it again 💕

    Jazmin JimenezJazmin JimenezOy oldin
  • I watched it yesterday and ill do it again ill do it again hahhahaha 😀😀😀😀😆😆

    sandy riverasandy riveraOy oldin
  • Omg im your guys biggest fan and serenity is adorable all the kids are but i havent missed a single video of your guys no 🧢

    sandy riverasandy riveraOy oldin
  • Beau always has the best reaction lol he loves the view 🤣 & Maria finally being able to let her laugh out at the end!! 😂💕 $Deznavar

    Desiree NavarroDesiree NavarroOy oldin
  • Mama francis serenity was looking so cute inside the car of the store🤗like this vlog guys👍love you guys🤗💕

    Ave FamAve FamOy oldin
  • I thought UZworld was hella tripping I was like Umm sir I watched this already 😂😂😂 $MiChula830

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  • Being a good supporter and watching this twice. 💕💯 $Rodriguez 8087

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    • Yess! same here🙌🏼💗 btw I have a channel & any support will be appreciated💕

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  • everyone rewatching for Us Always 👏🏽 @Roseirisdaisy

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    • YESSS🙌🏼💗btw I have a channel & any support will be appreciated💕

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    La CgLa CgOy oldin
  • Saw the first video!!! Love you guys saw you went to table mountain hope you won big I live in fresno so I fw it lol $destineemikayla

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