6-Apr, 2021
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  • All I hear in the video is literally literally literally

    Insanity MusicInsanity MusicSoat oldin
  • Awww awesome

    cute girls 1cute girls 111 soat oldin
  • The energy is everything!!

    yarelli cornejoyarelli cornejo17 soat oldin
  • Awwwwww Damian’s braids came out sooooooooo good he looks so cute. My son’s hair is long as heck I wish he would let someone braid his hair. I’m glad the kids looked like they had a good time. God bless u all

    Gina DuarteGina DuarteKun oldin
  • Okay but who’s that guy with the white shirt playing basketball at 14:12 👀

    Yaretzy RamosYaretzy RamosKun oldin
  • Use me as a “I can’t for the new baby” button.😁😍

    Valerie CastellanosValerie CastellanosKun oldin
  • She was waiting for Benny and Alo to invite her to Benny fam for Easter lol but instead she got invited to her bf house 🤡🤡

    JoanaJoanaKun oldin
  • The "Ew" at the beginning from Maria😂. I love you guysss ! Especially Serenity, She looks just like Maria !

    Nevaeh uniqueNevaeh uniqueKun oldin
  • Serenity looked so cute doing the bunny hopping game. Lol how cute

    Adriana RamirezAdriana RamirezKun oldin
  • Not meeeee being the person who helped y’all at Tony’s 😂❤️

    Alexis RAlexis RKun oldin
  • I didn't do anything for Easter. Currently in lockdown

    Selena SinghSelena SinghKun oldin
  • If I got a dollar every time Maria says “literally” 😂

    Silvia GarciaSilvia GarciaKun oldin
  • We also did Easter on Saturday.

    Nancy MedinaNancy MedinaKun oldin
  • My daughter is in love with minnie brands

    Nancy MedinaNancy MedinaKun oldin
  • My kids had a blast we went to lake Ming and had a good time💛🙂

    Vanessa ArroyoVanessa ArroyoKun oldin
  • Jj is like my older son. He reminds me of him so much...and there the same age...he still loves to DJ Easter

    Vanessa ArroyoVanessa ArroyoKun oldin
  • Love u guys 💕

    Rubi MontanezRubi MontanezKun oldin
  • Who is Beau fighting😭

    Miranda BlancoMiranda BlancoKun oldin
  • Maria looks so good and pretty pregnant 🤰

    Aleida NadiaAleida NadiaKun oldin
  • I miss the old intro song

    RiaRiaKun oldin
  • I can’t wait for the gender reveal

    A&J VlogsA&J VlogsKun oldin
  • u guys are like the best parents 😀

    Joti 1Joti 1Kun oldin
  • Give that BBQ sauce and Mayonnaise to mommy do her burger ain’t dry no more. 🤪

    Moonchild 55Moonchild 552 kun oldin
  • “But I don’t even have it wet it’s dry” 😂😭🤣 sad how Maria can’t give her mom money and she’s rude asf to waiters 👎🏽👎🏽 then comes on here like it’s nothing

    MicheliMicheli2 kun oldin
  • I'd be passed out if I had to take a shot every time Maria said "literally" 😂

    Evelin InguanzoEvelin Inguanzo2 kun oldin
  • Next video should be tipping waitress 100 dollars 😝

    Psneaks 23Psneaks 232 kun oldin
  • One thing I absolutely love LOVE about you Maria , is you never get upset at the kids for being loud or interrupting . You include and involve them in almost everything you and boue do . I love love love you guys . Y’all are my favorite family to watch , y’all are just genuine and real af ! Love you US ALWAYS ♥️🥰

    Jessica KristalJessica Kristal2 kun oldin
  • I expect an apology to the waiter

  • Beau is crazy lol pineapple does belong in pizza haha. Pepperoni & pineapple is my favorite pizza since I was little lol

    Amber SaudeAmber Saude2 kun oldin
  • She never addresses anything 🤣 I have a serious question, why do you always speak all chiquiada??

    Jess AguilarJess Aguilar2 kun oldin
  • What a cute vlog🐰🐰🐰🐰 love the braids D. 💜

    Dalesha's LifeDalesha's Life2 kun oldin
  • I need to get some mini brands 🥰🥺

    Celly GCelly G2 kun oldin
  • Girl what pineapple on pizza is a vibe, you just haven’t tried it yet.

    Silvana SalazarSilvana Salazar2 kun oldin
  • Hi Karen

    King JKing J2 kun oldin
  • Trina 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 JSAYING!

    Oscar AOscar A2 kun oldin
  • The moment she said she craves Hawaiian pizza I automatically knew forsure she's having a girl! I craved Hawaiian pizza with my daughter all the time.

    Maria GutierrezMaria Gutierrez2 kun oldin
  • Dry burger Karen 🍔

    Elizabeth SimentalElizabeth Simental2 kun oldin
  • How is jj already so big!!!🥺

    Stephhhyyy315 !Stephhhyyy315 !2 kun oldin
  • Beau & Maria arguing about the kinder joy while Damian is happy about his Oreo and tryin to tell them about it lol Happy Easter to your adorable family from the Navajo Nation AZ

    Tashina CurleyTashina Curley2 kun oldin
  • Dry burger Karen 🍔

    Arlene too TrillzArlene too Trillz2 kun oldin
  • Maria i love you girl 💖 but you didn’t have to be rude to the waiter 🙄🙄

    Aliyah GonzalezAliyah Gonzalez2 kun oldin
  • One of my biggest cravings right now is tomatoes with lime and salt 😹😹

    Denisse MarreroDenisse Marrero2 kun oldin
  • Happy Easter

    Fernanda CorralFernanda Corral2 kun oldin
  • Love how the kids helped you with the eggs 🥚

    A SepulvedaA Sepulveda2 kun oldin
  • Your family is so cute! Can’t wait to meet new baby so excited for you guys

    Yesenia FariasYesenia Farias2 kun oldin
  • Watching from Philippines🙏🔥💕😇

    Joan PagtabunanJoan Pagtabunan2 kun oldin
  • All the kids playing and searching for the Easter eggs ❤️ I remember getting plastic eggs filled with coins as well 😂 Our Easter was chill and intimate with family. Thx you for sharing 💕

    Janet TrevinoJanet Trevino2 kun oldin
  • Don't knock it til you try it. pineapple belongs on every kind of food, Pina is so good!!!!!

    Marez BrosMarez Bros2 kun oldin
  • So in love with the intro🥰

    Noemi GamezNoemi Gamez2 kun oldin
  • How freaking cute seeing all the kiddos playing Easter games!! Serenity was so damn cute with the egg and sack race!! 😍

    Elicia GarciaElicia Garcia2 kun oldin
  • Where’s your bump in the videos though??? LOL

    Sandra GomezSandra Gomez2 kun oldin
  • “If you don’t want it I’ll eat it for you “ sooo meeee 😂❤️

    Jahaira GalvanJahaira Galvan2 kun oldin
  • I love hearing Damian talk😍💛

    evelyn ninety8evelyn ninety82 kun oldin
  • Loved the kid games Trina put together & the mini brand items 💜

    Melanie GarciaMelanie Garcia2 kun oldin
  • Maira where did you get the kids Floaties from?

    Yomara HernandezYomara Hernandez2 kun oldin
  • I worked a double on Easter #nurselife! Haha

    Elizabeth AveryElizabeth Avery2 kun oldin
  • My son is 1 yesr old and I’m trying to get him off of the bottle which cup is serenity using?

    ItzJustJen !ItzJustJen !2 kun oldin
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤣💖🔥🔥🤣😊😂✌🏻🤗😂🙃🙂💯😎😇😉🐣😅🐣🙃😂✌🏻😎💯💯😇😇😊🤣💖✌🏻🥰😂🙂🥰🥰💯🥰🙂😊🙂😇😎😎😇🙃😉🐣😅😅🐰🐰

    Guadalupe DiazGuadalupe Diaz2 kun oldin
  • For Easter we spent the weekend at Barstow riding our quads and Poloris! We love going to Barstow because not only we get to ride but the outlets are literally less then 5 min away! Happy Easter! 🐣

    Patsy AlcalaPatsy Alcala2 kun oldin
  • Does Maria sound diff or is it just me???

    Clari BeaconClari Beacon2 kun oldin
  • Maria your nails are pretty but what is up. With your real nail. get a fresh new set of nails so you can cut down your real nail

    Pinkdiamond MPinkdiamond M2 kun oldin
  • Cant waite for the gender reveal and Baby shower. MARIA always does it cute . Godbless.

    AshleyAshley2 kun oldin
  • I almost fell out of my chair after seeing that pizza it looks so good!

    Ann OlaveAnn Olave2 kun oldin
  • Y’all’s videos are getting LAME 👎

    Meli GutierrezMeli Gutierrez2 kun oldin
  • I can’t get over the intro 🔥

    Bella RoblesBella Robles3 kun oldin
  • Idk why your gana have more kids if u always leave them with ur mom

    Perla AnayaPerla Anaya3 kun oldin
    • they barely help her buy the meds she needs ugh makes me so angry...

      Enter NameEnter Name2 kun oldin
  • You guys make us want to have kids ... cause we have been on and off about it 🤣🥰

    Life With N&CLife With N&C3 kun oldin
  • Omg when Serenity got into the bunny hopping sack 🥲🥺🥺 the cutest ever! I legit teared over that #cutenessoverload

    Elizabeth RiosElizabeth Rios3 kun oldin
  • I loved seeing Maria's precious baby bump! #TEAMGIRL💝

    Laura JacksonLaura Jackson3 kun oldin
  • Loveeee the intro!

    Anniee booAnniee boo3 kun oldin
  • Why is Maria always tired??🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ But to travel with a high risk pregnancy she is not?

    Yecenia CruzYecenia Cruz3 kun oldin
    • I wake up tired. JS 😂😂😂

      Selena SinghSelena SinghKun oldin
    • 🤭

      Dario ReyesDario Reyes2 kun oldin
  • Pineapple on pizza is good!

    Yxiana ZunigaYxiana Zuniga3 kun oldin
  • Yalll happy Easter 🐣😊☺💖💓💕🐣😊☺💖💓💕🐣😊☺💖💓💕🐣😊☺💖💓........!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tammy BroaddusTammy Broaddus3 kun oldin
  • Watching this brought so much happiness on to my heart imagining I would of spent Easter with my babies like that but hey I spent the day with them in the cemetery getting them their eggs and toys❤️❤️ thank you US ALWAYS for always bringing a smile on to my life when I most need it❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Jenny RojasJenny Rojas3 kun oldin
  • I had to work on Easter 2-10🙄

    Keily BarrientosKeily Barrientos3 kun oldin
  • Serenity is me cheating during the hoping game only goes couple hopes in n turns around moood 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀🥰🥰

    Esmeralda GuevaraEsmeralda Guevara3 kun oldin
  • So cute the little miny barnes I have some too but it's so cute to see Maria Estella kids like them and have fun...Happy Easter from our family to yours 💗 fun Easter eggs hunting and play the game see how fun with the family.My family through me a 50 Birthday party and Easter party together it was nice even had an cute Easter bunny cake love when my family gets together take pictures or videos hope you had fun with your family and friends like we did love you always. 💗🌹

    Sara MartinezSara Martinez3 kun oldin
  • Hi where did u buy those minis there cute 🥰 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    ida Phillipsida Phillips3 kun oldin
  • BEAU PINEAPPLE DOES BELONG ON PIZZA !! Don’t ever disrespect us pineapple pizza eaters lol

    Brianna ZunigaBrianna Zuniga3 kun oldin
  • I haven’t EATEN****** not I haven’t ATE. Sorry just a pet peeve

    Briana FelixBriana Felix3 kun oldin
  • why was this so much fun to watch it really brings back memories from when i was little little good job auntie Katrina! the kids look so happy the entire time!

    Alexia AlejandrezAlexia Alejandrez3 kun oldin
  • Chasity! The most talented Chic I know!!!

    Sassy_Tina MSassy_Tina M3 kun oldin
  • Awww love all the games ideas!😍😍❤️❤️

    Stephanie HernandezStephanie Hernandez3 kun oldin
  • My little family and I went to my sisters house to look for eggs just for my daughter and she loved it so much she hid them again and looked for them again😂 it was the cutest and funniest thing ever she is going to be 3 tomorrow 😇❤️ she is growing to fast! 🥺

    Lorena MorenoLorena Moreno3 kun oldin
  • Exactly pinneapple on pizza nasty af n im hawaiian lmao

    Alana NajarroAlana Najarro3 kun oldin
  • Omgosh I craved hella pineapple on pizza when pregnant. And my baby was a baby girl 💖

    Jei LopezJei Lopez3 kun oldin
  • This has to be the most exciting and fun easter i have seen 😊😊

    Jessica GonzalezJessica Gonzalez3 kun oldin
  • It’s not wet .it’s dry 😒😒😒

    YlohncYlohnc3 kun oldin
  • Mini brands vs the wish version 🤣🤣

    Olivia MOlivia M3 kun oldin
  • At First i Thght it was Beau singing the intro Song i was like Dam He Can Sing 2 Lol 😁😁😁😁

    BresLifey MBresLifey M3 kun oldin
  • Those popsicles tho 🔥🤩

    Olivia MOlivia M3 kun oldin
  • I love y’all!!❤️❤️

    Olivia MOlivia M3 kun oldin
  • Wow Serenity has grown so much, she's so beautiful ❤️

    Tarango FamilyTarango Family3 kun oldin
  • Damian is a SHE LOL

    Erick osorioErick osorio3 kun oldin
  • I cnt stand damian he too scary 💯💯 like stop acting like maria

    Erick osorioErick osorio3 kun oldin
  • I went from the taco person to braiding hair lol

    Chasity HasleyChasity Hasley3 kun oldin
  • 💖

    Rébecca RamRébecca Ram3 kun oldin
  • Maria is the only other person that I know likes pineapple on her pizza but she should ask for grilled chicken instead of ham promise it’s bomb asf

    Ezra LopezEzra Lopez3 kun oldin
  • Hope you guys had a good Easter 🐣 food looks good best friend Trina in the house beautiful as always love ❤️ your outfit Maria and Trina kids having fun in the pool loved when the kids do egg hunt Damian is cute with hair braided and it’s so long

    Lexy TapiaLexy Tapia3 kun oldin
  • Hey Guys What’s Good 😃🙌🏼

    Vivian MateoVivian Mateo3 kun oldin