31-Yan, 2021
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    • @Cynthia Moran what

      Adrienne LuceroAdrienne Lucero15 kun oldin
    • @Adrienne Lucero m m mm

      Cynthia MoranCynthia Moran15 kun oldin
    • @Marisela Jaramillo mm

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    • @Adrienne Lucero m m

      Cynthia MoranCynthia Moran15 kun oldin
    • @Marisela Jaramillo m

      Cynthia MoranCynthia Moran15 kun oldin
  • For his love of chips he would probable love apple chips . Or apple crisps they’re called . They have coconut and banana also .

    Yolanda GarciaYolanda Garcia4 kun oldin
  • Snack on berries cheese nuts eat lots of good fats if not you will be hungry also try fasting and ACV in the morning it help burn fat your be ok you can also make fathead dough and make chips out of it and eat it with some avocado drink lots and lot of water also get mct oil

    Vee HernandezVee Hernandez10 kun oldin
  • Beau please start a Keto channel 😭 I’ve been wanting too but dnt know how to start.. plus you guys shop at Walmart like me, so I know I’ll find everything you guys use like ingredients and shit.

    Arlene PedrazaArlene Pedraza11 kun oldin
  • Idk how people can eat raw fish like that I can barley eat sushi rolls lol

    MonicaMonica19 kun oldin
  • you can do it Beau 💯💯💯

    Berenice DelgadoBerenice Delgado20 kun oldin
  • The Pot has been out there since Novenber lol la Olla hahahaah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Beau has not gotten rid of the Pot grease hahahahaaaaaa

    Mee SparzaMee Sparza22 kun oldin
  • I thought this was a reveal of pregnancy. I might be way off base.. (My apologizes if I’m wrong) My reasoning on why I too, think she’s pregnant 🥰 I think this video is a teaser!! As soon as I saw the thumbnail, I felt & thought the same way, when Alos, Bedrest video came out. I think she is dropping subtle hints.. it will get everyone’s mind going & everyone is going to be waiting for another video! Which could mean, more views!! Very clever! As I am writing (texting🤔) more things came to mind!! She didn’t drink for Bennys party, she sat with Alo & drank cider... Maria loves to dance & she didn’t! She wore a flannel when filming her hair appt.. we aren’t seeing her body & she usually will show her outfit. 😲 The intro! They’re going to make a new one !! Yep, I am 95% certain, she is!! She had that miscarriage not long ago & sometimes after , it’s easier to get pregnant again. Ohhh I hope she is! I adore their family 🥰

    Felicia romeroFelicia romero27 kun oldin
  • I love me us always fam my favorite youtubers 🙏🏻 god bless your hearts

    JUDiTH ROMANJUDiTH ROMAN28 kun oldin
  • Lmao were you referring to the pot still in the backyard that beau hasn’t gotten rid of yet ? Hahaha

    amanda aguilaramanda aguilar29 kun oldin
  • Marias hair is so long !

    It’s Like CandyIt’s Like Candy29 kun oldin
  • 2

    Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin
  • The US fakes 😆😆😆

    Michael GarzaMichael GarzaOy oldin
  • Download carb manager on your phone! It’s an app that you can track everything you eat. It will tell you exactly how many net grams of carbs, protein, and fats you need to stick with. The first time I did it I lost 25 lbs in 3 months. That app was the easiest for me!

    Angelica CastilloAngelica CastilloOy oldin
    • 31

      Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin
  • Beau isn’t even fat lol who hurt him he’s constantly trying to lose weight 😂

    Old EmailOld EmailOy oldin
    • 3

      Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin

      Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin
  • Hello , any neighborhood you guys recommend in Bakersfield?me and my family are trying to move out there in Bakersfield, way cheaper for us to afford a home

    Explosion HereExplosion HereOy oldin
  • You can get keto tortillas!!!

    Alexa FuschettoAlexa FuschettoOy oldin
  • Carbs should be under 19g a day! Definitely more healthy fats, like avacado, kerrygold butter, cheese, healthy oils. And clean protein! Snacks get chicharon, costco has a good one. Salmon wraps with cream cheese, celery with almond butter or PB. Stay away from fruits except berries. Don't forget abt electrolytes such as Himalayan salt on your water. Because keto flue is no joke!!! Almonds are also good snacks! Belle better with cream cheese and everything but begal seasoning is fire!!! Another good snack is ham/turkey meat rolls with cheese.

    562_caligurl_89 Rubio562_caligurl_89 RubioOy oldin
  • Lmao the pot is ready for Thanksgiving again! 🤣🤣

    Crystal OrtegaCrystal OrtegaOy oldin
  • ❤️

    Tisha WTisha WOy oldin
  • If she was pregnant she wouldn’t be eating seafood at least that’s what I thought you weren’t supposed to do

    Yas sssYas sssOy oldin
  • The turkey pot at 22:07 STILL there 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 it’s gna stay there till next thanksgiving HAHA love you guys!! Showing some love. I’m late af 😫😂❤️

    Thia Liana KingThia Liana KingOy oldin
  • Ive been on keto for almost a year now and I have lost almost 70LBS. You can do it!!! There are so many keto alternatives for stuff you already love you just have to look for them, even stuff like tortillas and breads that are keto friendly.

    Joleen ChristineJoleen ChristineOy oldin
    • 28

      Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin

    Teresa EsparzaTeresa EsparzaOy oldin
  • You guys are getting good at clickbait 😝 i clicked so fast 💨

    Rosa AguilarRosa AguilarOy oldin
    • Ps i had already watched the video and was planning on commenting but never posted it lol 🥸

      Rosa AguilarRosa AguilarOy oldin
  • 12:31 omg it’s the turkey 🦃 pan isn’t it?! 😅🤣🤣

    Esthella Marie Mrs. CardenasEsthella Marie Mrs. CardenasOy oldin
    • 28

      Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin
  • I'd suggest drinking a cup of water or if that's nothing to you, drink two cups before you want to snack that way it takes away the craving or makes you feel a bit full and then you'll snack less! Please please please, go to Costco for keto products so you guys save money and still achieve what you want. I promise, you won't regret it plus they have very nice qualities of meat there. Even Wagyu A5 from Japan (not sure if that would be in a keto diet but it's one of the best meats out there maybe for a cheat day on a special occasion or something) but i promise, you guys will not regret going to Costco

    Cecilia UgaldeCecilia UgaldeOy oldin
    • 26

      Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin
  • They have Keto friendly tortilla at Costco among many keto friendly products. The Buffalo sauce is fire!

    Cecilia UgaldeCecilia UgaldeOy oldin

      Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin
  • If you take out alcohol it makes a big difference. Alcohol has a lot of sodium and makes you get bloated.

    Diana S.Diana S.Oy oldin
  • Yupp like i said serenity fina be chispas ....

    Rey GomezRey GomezOy oldin
  • Love when beau hella got scared when he almost dropped the spice bottle lol made me jump too lol love you us always!!!

    desiree arzagadesiree arzagaOy oldin
    • 29

      Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin
  • The memory’s where beautiful

    Lupita ArellanoLupita ArellanoOy oldin
  • Can you guys and the agillars be friends again 🥺

    Lupita ArellanoLupita ArellanoOy oldin
  • She looks high after he cooked😂

    Liz IzzaLiz IzzaOy oldin
  • There is some low carb tortillas out there.....also try chaffles if you feel like you want something that’s “bready” my favorite kind is queso fresco and chorizo and make breakfast tacos with it. Also the quest chips are gross I only like the taco flavored ones and I make nachos with them.

    TheScrappy MillennialTheScrappy MillennialOy oldin
  • Dang I thought you were going to say the most exciting news...

    Ivette ReynaIvette ReynaOy oldin
  • Who’s song is the one before bennys ?

    Alisson RivasAlisson RivasOy oldin
  • Do you have a video on the meal you made last night? The Brussels sprouts mix made my mouth water!!!

    The Sweet FamilyThe Sweet FamilyOy oldin
  • U guys should Invest in a personal trainer or a nutritionist to keep you on track. I think it would be a good idea to have someone else guiding you so you don’t find it as difficult. You’ll find that you can enjoy foods you like without having to sacrifice most things.

    Interstellarlove_x3Interstellarlove_x3Oy oldin

    Yazmin CobianYazmin CobianOy oldin
  • If by any chance you’re pregnant or get pregnant soon, may God protect your baby and allow you to carry it full term and deliver a healthy baby. 💙

    Life as MarisolLife as MarisolOy oldin
    • 4

      Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin
  • Just watched jayds world damien is the cutest vlogger "this is my tool set isnt the coolest thing you ever seen" aww to cute You have the cutest kids

    Nene MontanoNene MontanoOy oldin
    • 34

      Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin
  • I literally aspire to live a life like Maria on day! The amazing home, cute clothes, always beautiful and smiling! Getting pretty much anything materialistic that's she wants!😭☹😍 I want this life so bad. SLOWLY but SURLEY making it happen..... hopefully !

    Nataliee EstellaNataliee EstellaOy oldin
  • I hope she isn't pregnant.🤞🏼🤞🏼

    Felipa GomezFelipa GomezOy oldin
  • Okay but why did Benny answer MARIAS call in the shower like that and once he saw the Famm he stopped ? Hm 🤔 did we miss something Between y’all ? I was watching with my man and he even said ‘naah that don’t go he’s in the shower and answers her call biting his lip like that and then stops when he sees the fam,” That’s sketchy af !

    Alicee FloreenAlicee FloreenOy oldin
  • Where did you get your comforter? Love the simplicity 🤗

    Hazel LezamaHazel LezamaOy oldin
  • The olla lol😂

    isaacsinaivrisaacsinaivrOy oldin
  • Omg I like that pan 😩

    Alexus RangelAlexus RangelOy oldin
  • Let me find out your preggo already and this is a pre-recorded video 😝🤙🏻

    crystal Lepecrystal LepeOy oldin
  • Maria can carry serenity with her butt 🤣 My daughter always wants Sopa too 🤦🏻‍♀️

    crystal Lepecrystal LepeOy oldin
  • Definitely sucking in her stomach in the kitchen

    Mikaley MonloMikaley MonloOy oldin
  • Awww Damien is soo cute 😍

    Stephanie HernandezStephanie HernandezOy oldin
  • Okay beau!! You have money$$ you can afford the keto chips/cereal and all that fancy stuff that I wish I could buy 😂😂

    monica Vmonica VOy oldin
  • You should see my calorie and carb intake lmao I just eat whatever I want when I want but trust me you can look at me and tell I'm not the healthiest ... I'm almost 36 and I cannot stand the way ,y belly looks! I've had three babies and my third was born by c section and that really messed up my belly! I have loose skin and stretch marks "blessed marks" I just wish I could get a tummy tuck cuz I have tried to work out and it does NOTHING for my belly because the muscles are so far separated and it's extremely painful!!! I weigh about 155 and I'm about 5'5" so I could def lose a few pounds but it's just difficult for me to find the umpf to wanna do it!! :( wish I had about 8 grand to spend to get a mommy make over :( never gonna happen!

    Candi LeaseCandi LeaseOy oldin
    • 35

      Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin
  • Love me some Benny!!!!!! Happy belated bday Benny soliven :)

    Candi LeaseCandi LeaseOy oldin
  • Ewwwww man I, sorry but there's absolutely NOTHING y'all got to eat that looked appetizing whatsoever!!!!!! Yuck! Lol now if it,was Olive Garden and you got the chicken Alfredo or the shrimp Alfredo or maybe a hibachi restaurant or a Panda Express I'd be like "HELL YESSSS!"

    Candi LeaseCandi LeaseOy oldin
  • Since when did it get changed to "color ways" instead of just saying "colors" like "it comes in six different colors" but people are now like "it comes in six different color ways"

    Candi LeaseCandi LeaseOy oldin
    • 17

      Aarna TiwariAarna Tiwari29 kun oldin
  • Eat pork rinds instead of chips I eat the hot and spicy ones with pickle👌🏽

    Monica TowersMonica TowersOy oldin
  • I saw that candy and Nestor did this pan sponsor too lol anyway when are y'all gonna do ur new intro already!!??

    Candi LeaseCandi LeaseOy oldin
  • Omg Beau you do not need to loose weight in my opinion. I think 15 20 lbs will be a lot. You guys look great.

    Jessica SaltaresJessica SaltaresOy oldin
  • Try quest chips keto friendly

    My worldMy worldOy oldin
  • Are y’all hiring lol Beau let’s go ride the x3 again

    Vortec MattVortec MattOy oldin
  • Benny is a real one y'all he answered in the bathroom 😂😂 love all of you! 💕

    Lizet NiblockLizet NiblockOy oldin
  • but also keto isn’t just low carb. you also have to cut out sugars and watch out for the added sugars in some foods. if you like jerky try the Tillamook original beef sticks with Zero sugar. bombbbb. i didn’t know much about keto either but it’s worth it! don’t stop

    Sabrina GraceSabrina GraceOy oldin
  • I’m on keto and lost 27 pounds. you got this beau! keto is amazing. it’s a lifestyle.

    Sabrina GraceSabrina GraceOy oldin
  • Omg Maria I’m from Bakersfield I want to meet you 😭😂 I live in Santa Barbara now but I’m always down there

    CelestexoCelestexoOy oldin
  • Really recommend that and a low carb diet. I started my diet with keto and then transitioned to low carb and have so far lost 40lbs and feel a big difference in all aspects! Good luck on this journey! 💪🏼

    Elizabeth RodasElizabeth RodasOy oldin
  • You got this beau 👍

    J.yzz_123J.yzz_123Oy oldin
  • I wanted to see the food when finished 😩 😕 I was all excited 🙄

    Violet DanseViolet DanseOy oldin
  • You guys are so hard working 💪 🖤 we sure don't mind if u guys take ur time 2 urself. But thanks for making it happen 2 post a lot even if having a lot💜

    Violet DanseViolet DanseOy oldin
  • On Quest chips I put tapatio and is bomb

    n Zendejasn ZendejasOy oldin
  • You got this beau !!

    Yessenia LopezYessenia LopezOy oldin
  • B

    Nova bbNova bbOy oldin
  • I havent heard the word literally used so much......literally

    Maritza MartinezMaritza MartinezOy oldin
  • Your vlogs always get me hungry, never fails lol 🤤 Love you guys! ❤️

    Reyna RubyReyna RubyOy oldin
  • Beau itsnt bad hes like that daddy chunky but like i gst it hes on social media people are very judgmental

    Kk ggKk ggOy oldin
  • I see it lmao its the pot from thanksgiving that beau hasn’t put it away 🤣🤣🤣 love you guys $jazsiah

    jazmine rodriguezjazmine rodriguezOy oldin
  • Love us always ! Awhhhh uncle benny

    Kk ggKk ggOy oldin
  • Beau! The Mission brand tortillas has low carb tortillas! You can find them pretty much anywhere

    April NicoleApril NicoleOy oldin
  • Maria please let Beau talk lol I wanted to hear the story of when he used to send you pics!!! I can totally relate... I look at old pics and I get mad at myself! The thing with men is, that they loose the weight fast!

    FabzdltFabzdltOy oldin
  • The turkey fryer 🤣🤣

    April NicoleApril NicoleOy oldin
  • Why is Maria talking like that??

    Maricela BarreraMaricela BarreraOy oldin
  • I'm on keto too and it's not to hard just the snacks are kinda not to flavored lol 😂 the cookie are good from that brand thoe and the peanut butter cups are good too

    Evelyn VazquezEvelyn VazquezOy oldin
  • LOVE this family so much! I always look forward to your videos!! 😘♥️♥️♥️

    Keisha HallKeisha HallOy oldin
  • Good job Beau! we've all gained weight on this quarantine! you look good still! XO

    Darlene BrownDarlene BrownOy oldin
  • Favorite youtubers ♥️

    isamar1622isamar1622Oy oldin
  • LMAO the deep fryer is still there😂😂🤣🥰 I love you guys

    The Life of BThe Life of BOy oldin
  • ☔️☂️ rain rain go away...she’s so sweet

    Dawn StoffregenDawn StoffregenOy oldin
  • Coming from somebody who has been trying for 9 years It's pretty messed up for people to assume she is pregnant.... she been through it. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't lie or hide If she was pregnant 🤔

    Daniella TorresDaniella TorresOy oldin
  • Hey everyone, there are codes for $ off for the Always pan. I searched Google and found a code for $39 off of the pan I ordered! Just find a code and then go through Maria’s link.

    Michele HMichele HOy oldin
  • You guys are always eating 🔥.. you should make a channel of just cooking with like ingredients & all. Lol ..

    Victoria barraganVictoria barraganOy oldin
  • More cooking videos.. love them🥰

    Yesenia ChavezYesenia ChavezOy oldin
  • Nooooo post more 😢😢😢💔

    Babyana VlogssBabyana VlogssOy oldin
  • My day is ALWAYS better when I get to watch your videos!!!!

    Courtney BryantCourtney BryantOy oldin
  • Still waiting on the new intro.....

    Jacqueline CitalJacqueline CitalOy oldin
  • Y’all still have the turkey pot outside lol 💀

    Alicia AndujarAlicia AndujarOy oldin
  • Me eating chips rn 😳

    Evelyn GarciaEvelyn GarciaOy oldin
  • Way too much cooking oil 😱 OMG

    Watch me eat/ Fat, belly dancerWatch me eat/ Fat, belly dancerOy oldin
  • Can you count how many times Maria says leeeterallyy lmao

    Valerie HernandezValerie HernandezOy oldin
  • She want to b pregnant sooooo bad

    Hildelisa HernandezHildelisa HernandezOy oldin