22-Fev, 2021
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  • Omg hearing your backyard plans is Soo inspiring!!! Hopefully everything can go as planned!!

    Marisol SanchezMarisol Sanchez4 kun oldin
    • But holyyyy shizzz you have so much more space left! Can't wait to see what you guys do with it also

      Marisol SanchezMarisol Sanchez4 kun oldin
  • Awww excited to see the new intro 💕

    Stephanie HernandezStephanie Hernandez5 kun oldin
  • You know the construction workers are mexican when they have chalino music playing 🎶🎶 ... cant wait for the the intro

    liz gonzalezliz gonzalez5 kun oldin
  • About time ❤️❤️ I don’t have to skip the intro no more 😂😂🥰

    Yulisa CasarezYulisa Casarez6 kun oldin
  • Love your family xoxo

    Giselle SolisGiselle Solis7 kun oldin
  • I cannot wait for the backyard. That backyard is going to be amazing. I cannot wait for the videos and the Vlogs of the pool parties and all the entertainment they are going to be having their. That house is amazing now the backyard is going to bring it all together. Sending you all much love❤❤❤

    shannon cellashannon cella7 kun oldin

    Aaaa LocoAaaa Loco7 kun oldin
    • Pero ay andas de metiche

      VizzzzzzleVizzzzzzle7 kun oldin

  • Can’t wait for the intro

    M e l l y XOM e l l y XO7 kun oldin
  • Anyone jealous of how there backyard is going to look 😩😍

    Anna DePergolaAnna DePergola7 kun oldin
  • Lmao what’s 6x8 🤣🤣🤣 Maria hella later : 48

    Clealy TorrezClealy Torrez8 kun oldin
  • It would be dope if you guys have a bar in the pool like at resorts instead of the gazebo in the pool. You guys definitely have the space for it.

    LM RLM R8 kun oldin
  • 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛AAAYYY!!!

    Maria TorresMaria Torres9 kun oldin
  • Not me bye 👋 Boring Channel.

    Angie DuranAngie Duran10 kun oldin
  • Where's the intro🤦‍♀️

    EVE SOTOEVE SOTO10 kun oldin
  • Me encantan son una familia muy divertida

    Amelia MarquezAmelia Marquez10 kun oldin
  • Who else came back just to let them know we’re still waiting?? 😂 And ready

    Massa SMassa S10 kun oldin
  • Does anyone else start jamming when the songs play at the end for Maria Estella Fashion and their merch? 💃💃💃

    Jenesis GarciaJenesis Garcia10 kun oldin
  • Prego! Can’t wait to meet everyone babies

  • Her face Is making me think she is bc she look tired or like she been having morning sickness lol

    Tabatha CechvalaTabatha Cechvala10 kun oldin
  • We’re also ready for a new song!!!

    GizGiz11 kun oldin
  • When is the New intro dropping?

    Lina RodriguezLina Rodriguez11 kun oldin
  • Maybe it's just me but Maria looks thinner from her face I think she is pregnant . :)

    Natalie MendozaNatalie Mendoza11 kun oldin
  • Love the outfits can’t wait for the new intro 💕

    Yenisley RuizYenisley Ruiz11 kun oldin
  • Omg your backyard is huge , you got hella lucky on getting that lot !! Excited to see the end results !! ❣️❣️

    Viv VViv V11 kun oldin
  • I have a feeling that Hello fresh is delicious 😏

    Angela LaVioletteAngela LaViolette11 kun oldin
  • I feel like maria is announcing her pregnancy in her intro. 🥲🥲💖

    Deysi OliveraDeysi Olivera11 kun oldin
  • omg maria has to be pregooo

    ash espinosaash espinosa11 kun oldin
  • When beau made the wiz Khalifa joke and jj didn’t get it 😭😭😭 I felt old 😂😂

    Patricia MejiaPatricia Mejia11 kun oldin
  • You guys did not do the intor

    Kimberly MartinezKimberly Martinez11 kun oldin
  • Lemme find out y’all gonna announce the pregnancy 💅🏻

    Perla XoxoPerla Xoxo11 kun oldin
  • who knows their intro song name

    Manases Lara AlvarezManases Lara Alvarez11 kun oldin
  • Serenity reminds me of my son when we tell each other we love each other and hes so close to me as well. Hes such a mamas boy. And I'm So Excited with you for the new intro to and the backyard to be finished 😁😀😊🥰❤

    Geneva LopezGeneva Lopez11 kun oldin
  • The yard is so big!! It will be an oasis for the fam!

    Elizabeth AveryElizabeth Avery11 kun oldin
  • You guys should do a bathroom outside for the pool

    Sharon AyalaSharon Ayala11 kun oldin
  • Maria is me in the morning when I’m trying to pay attention to my teacher 9:50😂

    Emily AlvaEmily Alva11 kun oldin
  • Girl we see the lil bump 👶🍼 ❤️

    Momma DeenaMomma Deena11 kun oldin
  • Inlove how you guys always involve then kids!!!

    Sandy AvilaSandy Avila11 kun oldin
  • No way... new introooo 🥰🥰🥰YYYEEESSSS😩😩😩😩

    Silvia NajaSilvia Naja11 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait to see the intro 🥺🥺❤️

    Matteo&YeseniaMatteo&Yesenia11 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait to see your house all finished ❤️❤️❤️ congrats 💕

    Matteo&YeseniaMatteo&Yesenia11 kun oldin
  • Ahh man since im a new subee that intro right away makes me bust a move and sing along ..but well im down with ya

    Rey GomezRey Gomez12 kun oldin
  • Maria where did u get your cardigan from?

    April Monique BeautyApril Monique Beauty12 kun oldin
  • 14:22 hope she is pregnant!!🙏🏽🙏🏽

    jennnavarro12jennnavarro1212 kun oldin
  • Love your vibes:) Fave family channel always keeping it real and interesting ..Benny forsure is gonna sing your intro song from the looks of it on tiktok.

    Destiny MartinezDestiny Martinez12 kun oldin
  • Why do y’all have to do us like that??? I was waiting for the intro mannnnnnnn! Chomon leeeee

    Jeanette Garces-VillarrealJeanette Garces-Villarreal12 kun oldin
  • She’s definitely prego, I see a little bump!👀🥺

    Launa JimLauna Jim12 kun oldin
  • They probably figured why Not have our Friend instead of our frenemy, doing our intro...

    Rose FelixRose Felix12 kun oldin
  • Can you say hi pamela

    Jose LeonJose Leon12 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know what county they live ? I totally wanna move somewhere like this where it’s open 😩😩 please lmk 🙏🏾 planning on moving soon

    Marie XoMarie Xo12 kun oldin
    • They live in bakersfield california

      BriBri12 kun oldin
  • Who knows their into song called I been looking but I can’t find it plzz tell Me

    • *^intro

  • You guys should put a bar outside ! 😱

    JanynxandracaJanynxandraca12 kun oldin
  • Such a beautiful family love you guys❤️🥰

    Faby OroscoFaby Orosco12 kun oldin
  • So 2 hot tubes?

    Arlene PradoArlene Prado12 kun oldin
  • Broooo i dream about a house like this🥺 i hope one day I’ll be able to achieve something similar! Congrats Us Always! (: 💖

    Sabrina KeeganSabrina Keegan12 kun oldin
  • Benny ❤️

    Veronica ApolinarVeronica Apolinar12 kun oldin
  • Yesss finally

    Miriam AnayaMiriam Anaya12 kun oldin
  • An idea if you guys end up getting a dog in the future leave a dirt or cement patch in the back yard and gated so when they go to the bathroom. Way easier to pick up the poop. If you do cement you can always power wash with soap and water so it's not always stinky.

    Veronica AyonVeronica Ayon12 kun oldin
  • Your guys home is going to be amazing over all. I can’t wait for you guys to enjoy that amazing backyard. I believe it’s Benny who is doing the song, and maybe the I intro is going to be special, bcz they might be expecting a 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻 ???

    Lissette NunoLissette Nuno12 kun oldin
  • I can’t wait 🥺

    Violeta BallezaVioleta Balleza12 kun oldin
  • I know people mean well but I think it can be rude to assume that Maria’s pregnant, if she is she will tell us when she feels okay for the world to know and if she isn’t seeing all these comments of people assuming she’s pregnant can overwhelm her. 🤍

    Julie Chamalé SalazarJulie Chamalé Salazar12 kun oldin
  • So proud of you guys how far you guys came ♥️ Best feeling building your own home and backyard 😘 Wishing you guys many more blessings 😘

    Karla CastanedaKarla Castaneda12 kun oldin
  • Benny's ticktock was funny ,love ur family godbless ,new into going to be amazing xx

    Puzzo WMDPuzzo WMD12 kun oldin
  • That prank wasn’t that good lol

    Corina NajeraCorina Najera12 kun oldin
  • I like how Maria was walking up and down the imaginary steps 😂

    kissmylove21kissmylove2112 kun oldin
  • Cannot wait for the new intro!!!

    Elizabeth RodasElizabeth Rodas12 kun oldin
  • Omg, when Maria was showing the pool 12:49 she had her bun and her men shorts and she literally looked like Damien.💟☺☺☺☺

    Rebeca RamirezRebeca Ramirez12 kun oldin
  • Pregnancy makes sense since no shots were taken on the Vegas tripppp!!! 🥳🥰

    Melida ValdesMelida Valdes12 kun oldin
  • I love how Maria and beau let the kids play out in the dirt. There other parents who don't bc they don't want to house dirty. Btw love you guys!!!!!♥♥💜💜💜💜💟

    Rebeca RamirezRebeca Ramirez12 kun oldin
  • What's the outro reggaeton Song ?

    R GeeR Gee12 kun oldin
  • I think she's pregnant so they're going to announce a pregnancy!!!! ❤️❤️

    Alexa QuinteroAlexa Quintero12 kun oldin
  • What was the song they used for Maria’s part of the outro in the end of the video?

    Unique OrnelasUnique Ornelas12 kun oldin
  • I hope y’all made a baby out in Vegas Maria Estella 😂❤️! WE READY ✨✨ BABY ROMERO 2021 👶🏻

    Marivel SanchezMarivel Sanchez12 kun oldin
  • I'm so excited to see how everything turns out you guys have the best style fasho

    Toni PriceToni Price12 kun oldin
  • I’m so ready to see the new intro I still got a feeling it’s Benny going to legit good and amazing 😻 can’t wait to see it I love when you guys cook meals at home always look so good you guys throw down in the kitchen ☺️much love ❤️

    Lexy TapiaLexy Tapia12 kun oldin
  • Dang y’all a huge back yard🤩❤️❤️

    Genisia CrookeGenisia Crooke12 kun oldin
  • Beau: 6x8, I don’t feel like doing math right now Cricket sounds Maria googles it, lol 😂

    Yuri RodriguezYuri Rodriguez12 kun oldin
  • 🥰🥰🥰

    Valeria SanchezValeria Sanchez12 kun oldin
  • Your for sure announcing a pregnancy, her side profile on her recent TikTok most definitely screams out baby bump 👀💕👶🏻👧🏻

    Maria PelaezMaria Pelaez12 kun oldin
  • Finally I won’t have to skip the intro 🤣

    Leslie ZelayaLeslie Zelaya12 kun oldin
  • Sooo excited to see the new intro, we already know Bennys gonna come thru and kill it! Period😝

    Chelsea CassidyChelsea Cassidy12 kun oldin
  • Did anyone notice the workers are bumping to chalino Sanchez 🔥🔥🔥

    Ariel NabarretteAriel Nabarrette12 kun oldin
  • almost 600k 🥳

    evelyn torresevelyn torres12 kun oldin
  • I think Maria is pregnant 🙂❤️

    EGE FamilyEGE Family12 kun oldin
  • Y’all be killing me with this “also too”! Lmfao

    Myss GrymmMyss Grymm12 kun oldin
  • You guys are such a inspiration I love u guys ❤️

    Family over everything 4Family over everything 412 kun oldin
  • I’m excited for your guys backyard!! I can’t wait to see when it’s done! 😍😍😍

    jazleen esquiveljazleen esquivel12 kun oldin
  • Benny is doing the new intro song & I know for a fact she’s going to announce her pregnancy in the new intro 😩 🤰

    Karen EstradaKaren Estrada12 kun oldin
  • I thought we were hearing a new intro wtheck

    Renee HowardRenee Howard12 kun oldin
  • God is great huh🥺🤍 it’s crazy what he can do! Love y’all

    Vanessa RVanessa R12 kun oldin
  • 💖

    shendana araujoshendana araujo12 kun oldin
  • Wait this is actually so crazy. I was thinking to myself yesterday that it might time for a new intro 😂😂LOVE YOU GUYS🥰❣️

    Ana CejaAna Ceja12 kun oldin
  • Intros are not necessary. They get skipped.

    Maggie GonzalezMaggie Gonzalez12 kun oldin
  • Serenity looks exactly like Damian. Beautiful!

    Darelis VirginiaDarelis Virginia12 kun oldin
  • I’m excited to see the finale look of y’all’s backyard ❤️ sounds amazing, so proud of y’all.

    Zaira EspinosaZaira Espinosa12 kun oldin
  • She’s got to be pregnant. Man I hope so!!!!! love watching US Always. Stay blessed xo

    Risa PachecoRisa Pacheco12 kun oldin
  • i’ve been saying she’s pregnant and honestly I would be very happy for her/them if she was and if she isn’t, it’s all Gods timing 💕 but if you think about it their has been lots of comments saying she is pregnant and she doesn’t respond to any of them like she hasn’t denied it sooo.....anddd their has been lots of hints as well in her videos !!! 🤪🤪

    cynthia vallescynthia valles12 kun oldin
  • U should tell Benny to write a song for your intro 😄

    Liz AguilarLiz Aguilar12 kun oldin
  • NEW SONG TOO ??????

    Claudia AlvarezClaudia Alvarez12 kun oldin
  • Let me find out you’re gonna reveal your pregnancy in your intro 🤰😩❤️

    Ivonne GarciaIvonne Garcia12 kun oldin